Cisco helps Venice reinvent itself as a workstation from anywhere

A program promoting remote work that aims to replace mass tourism in Venice, Italy, with more sustainable forms of income is working in partnership with Cisco.

The Venywhere Work-from-anywhere project is collaborating with the tech giant on a living lab where every aspect of hybrid work will be examined under a microscope amid the buzz and beauty of the tourist hotspot.

As part of a three-month joint research project with the Fondazione di Venezia and Ca’ Foscari University, Cisco is relocating 16 early-career employees to the city from their homes elsewhere in Italy, Spain, France and in Greece.

In addition to maintaining their regular virtual sales jobs, the group will participate in in-depth surveys and interviews about their experiences to help co-design new practices and solutions for hybrid workers.

In recognition of the importance of belonging and connecting with remote workers and the communities they live in, participants will volunteer with local organizations and projects focused on climate change, economic change through hybrid work and recycling. In February of this year, Venice announced its Sustainable Development Capital of the World initiatives, focusing on the future development of the city.

The experiences of Cisco employees will also help shape a new model of “digital citizenship” and Cisco’s People & Communities organization will share its findings at the end of the three months.

The study leverages Cisco technology, including Webex to help the group participate in meetings and events with their teams, while Webex Collaboration Insights will help them understand how and when they are most productive.

Chuck Robbins, President and CEO of CISCO, said, “Employees are more open than ever about their desire for flexibility, and companies need to recognize that if they want to attract and retain top talent, they need to offer hybrid work options. . They also need to think about work, productivity, and well-being more holistically. Our collaboration with Venywhere gives us a concrete glimpse of what all of this could look like, in a historic city that is redefining its own future.