‘Horrible’ VRBO Guests Reportedly Turned Apartment Into Something Like A ‘Crime Scene’: ‘My Jaw Dropped’

An apartment owner couldn’t believe how VRBO guests would have ‘destroyed’ his home.

TikToker @mrloanofficer lists his apartment on VRBO and Airbnb. But he was stunned after a VRBO customer allegedly left the house in a mess. It wasn’t just a mess or a mess – he claimed it was arson, destruction and scary messages.

Watch this bland Brooklyn bedroom become a mid-century modern getaway in just one day:

In footage from the sequel, the TikToker alleged there were broken plates on the floor in the living room, and it almost looked like someone had spilled dirt everywhere. The TV screen was reportedly cracked and he claimed the mirrors were covered. He also alleged that the kitchen knife block had been moved into the bedroom and one knife was missing.

The number “666” would also have been carved into the wooden bed frame. Horrible, the bed almost looked like it had been set on fire.

“Omg now what. Why would anyone want to do that. This booking was made through VRBO which is rare as it is mostly used as my Airbnb apartment. Horrible people,” the caption read.

The video received 1.2 million views. Many have speculated on what could have happened.

“My jaw dropped when I saw the bed,” someone commented.

“This is absolutely a crime scene,” one person replied.

“This person was very sick. I’m sorry this happened to you,” one TikToker added.

In follow-up messages, he explained that the police allegedly dismissed the vandalism and arson as a civil matter, did not enter the apartment and apparently “ignored”. He also added that he was going to “fight with VRBO” over their “awful insurance policies”.

“Trying to make the most of it. If you didn’t know, VRBO’s $1 million insurance policy that they’re proud of, covers ZERO against any property damage. It ONLY covers guest injuries and damage to SOMEBODY ELSE’s property,” he claimed.

Watch this Brooklyn bedroom go from dull to fabulous in a day:

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