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Tell us about this place: what’s the story here?
An Alpine turning point that put Megève back on the map and gave style to a whole generation of rustic luxury European hotels. Set back on a country road, Les Fermes de Marie could be considered a large private ski chalet. In fact, it’s a collection of pretty wooden buildings with sloping roofs covered in snow, scented with firewood as you enter. In summer, the surrounding slopes are dotted with wild flowers.
So how did this happen?
When young local couple Jocelyne and Jean-Louis Sibuet created this elegant chalet hotel in 1989, it re-established Megève as a glamorous resort. Now it has a reputation as a low-key family destination with top notch personalized service for high profile guests. It is built from recycled farm wood and designed entirely by Jocelyne, with its understated elegance, a mix of subdued grays and natural materials, baroque antiques and gilded woods.
What do the rooms look like?
Rustic-chic rooms are deeply restful – clean, clean lines, natural pine walls – with cutting-edge technology such as Bluetooth speakers. In the two-bedroom Mont Blanc suite, formerly the Sibuets’ private apartment, everything is brilliantly thought out, from the large south-facing balcony with a view of the Alps to the long living room in the attic where a roaring fire crackles.
How is the on-site catering going?
Two restaurants are managed by the new chef Nicolas Sintes (formerly at Daniel Boulud in New York and at La Bastide in Saint-Tropez des Sibuets). The barn Les Fermes des Marie offers refined but hearty Savoyard cuisine with explosive flavors: organic eggs with chestnuts, Beaufort ravioli with country ham and wild porcini mushrooms, pasta with black truffle. On a slope at 1,800 m, L’Alpage is the hotel’s second friendly alpine restaurant, with red and white checkered tablecloths on the terrace, a breathtaking view of the peaks, and a cheese fondue and an au blackcurrants that are worth climbing a mountain. .
How is the service?
The concierge takes care of everything: private cooking lessons with the chef, tobogganing and snowshoeing, paragliding and helicopter rides.
Who are we likely to see here?
A crowd of French showbiz, European actors, writers and musicians, chic forties with young children, wearing designer moon boots and tasteful ski wear.
How does the hotel fit into its environment?
It’s a 10-minute walk to pretty Megeve, where top spots include Le Georges, a long-standing establishment, or the cozy bar at Lodge Park (another Sibuet establishment); while the liveliest Un Jour à Peyrassol offers truffle pizzas, Var wines and live DJs after 10 p.m.
Is there anything else we should check out while we are staying here?
Well-being is a priority. The expansive Pure Altitude Spa has an indoor swimming pool with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the landscape, a hammam, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, a high-tech fitness center and a Leonor hair salon. Greyl.
Have you got all Criticisms?
All animal skins can offend, but hey, we’re in the Alps, where faux fur looks downright sticky.
So why would you recommend Les Ferms de Marie?
Les Fermes de Marie rise above other hotels in Megeve, not only for the deep comfort factor, but also for its ultra-professional service, terrific spa and superb local cuisine. Part-time skiers love it, they can’t wait to get back to the spa or find a fire to snuggle up and read Leïla Slimani.

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