Mix colors and patterns in a sunny apartment

Directed by Yang Di. Shot by Yang Di. Edited by Yang Di. Subtitles by Yang Di.

Stéphanie Sallette’s apartment in bustling downtown Shanghai is an urban oasis with Eastern and Western touches.

The 120 square meter apartment that the Frenchwoman shares with her Portuguese husband Goncalo Vilarinho is on the 20th floor of a residential building at the crossroads of Anfu Road and Wulumuqi Road M.

Vilarinho had lived in Shanghai for three years before the couple met in France.

“He always said that you had to live in this part of town if you moved to Shanghai. I was so happy to see the plane trees in the neighborhood. I lived in Aix-en-Provence for seven years, and the plane trees are the symbol of the city,” she says.

Featuring an open layout, the living and dining room are built with “continuous movement” in mind. Each functional area benefits from a glimpse of the city skyline thanks to the vast open space. This is the first time that Sallette has lived in a tower surrounded by other buildings.

“From the start, I was charmed by the sight of my kitchen, which looked like New York.”

The couple sought to capture the heat of the sun in this house.

Mix colors and patterns in a sunny apartment

“We love the natural light coming in from the living room and dining room. The bedroom is also lit up with beautiful morning light. When the sun comes out, you have hope – it’s a new day. is great to start the day full of positive energy,” she said.

Sallette has a knack for blending old and contemporary elements in a way that exudes instant charm. To create a peaceful yet playful space, the generously sized two-bedroom home is clad in natural textures; these include the predominant use of linen, cotton and wood.

Mix colors and patterns in a sunny apartment
Mix colors and patterns in a sunny apartment

In a space where daily life often revolves around fun get-togethers with friends, Sallette began by decorating the dining room and kitchen.

“The open kitchen is part of the dining room, which means that when we have friends over for dinner, we are at the center of the ‘kitchen’. In France, the kitchen is the room where everyone comes together. We usually enjoy wine and conversations with friends and family while cooking. It’s a friendly space,” she said.

Sallette likes to dress her home with high quality linen fabrics for a relaxed feel. She and her Dutch friend Kim Duker founded responsible interior design brand Studio NooSH (WeChat account: Studio NooSH) in Shanghai. “We met on Anfu Road and immediately clicked, thanks to our shared passion for beautiful homes,” she said.

They set up their showroom on Anfu Road, offering soft linen collections made from the best European Oeko-Tex linen for beds and tables in 30 different colors embodied by patterns. “European elegance with a Chinese twist…it’s a brand born in the city we love,” said Sallette.

Naturally, Studio NooSH’s elegantly shaded linens are styled throughout her home space, celebrating the fabric’s natural beauty and demanding the attention it deserves. Interiors are calm and serene, with linen fabrics of varying shades layered over bedding, tablecloths, napkins, and placemats.

“In the master bedroom, I like a softer atmosphere that gives me space to relax and unwind. The linen bedding in this soft clay color matches the paint coming from Xi’an, in the Shaanxi province. I also like to play with cushions and colors in different shapes and sizes. The family mirror that stands on my side of the bed follows me wherever I live,” she said.

Mix colors and patterns in a sunny apartment

Her interiors continue to evolve as she discovers designs that inspire her, while sourcing vintage and contemporary works during her travels.

“For the living room, I play with colorful cushions that I get on a trip. I have a passion for cushions, and it’s an object that can easily spice up a sofa or a bed,” she says.

In Shanghai, Sallette acquired a few pieces, such as local armchairs reupholstered with his own flashy velvet, corduroy pouffes from Studio NooSH, a pomegranate rug from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and a chair in African wax. of the Chinese lifestyle brand. “All these elements are in my cozy lounge area, where we have long aperitifs with friends.”

A portrait painted by Basmat is the highlight of the salon. “Looking at it makes me happy. It combines all the elements that I love: bright pink, the naive touch of flowers and a portrait. It has a strong cheerful touch in our living space.”

There is also the photo “Shanghai Street” taken by her photographer friend Fabiola Liacy De Felip, which captures the messy side and the everyday life of modern Shanghai which tends to disappear.

“I love mixing colors and patterns. I prefer warm colors like pink, fuschia and rust, and my husband is blue, so we found a good way to compromise,” she said. declared. “My home is my safe space where I can recharge my energies, always feel at peace and welcome friends into my personal world.”

Mix colors and patterns in a sunny apartment