The Made In Nancy Silverton bread knife is back in stock

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When it comes to your kitchen knife arsenal, you might notice that your collection is lacking in style points. After all, aesthetics tend to trump performance, since you’re almost constantly using your trio of essential knives (your chef’s knife, paring knife, and bread knife). However, Made In, one of our favorite direct-to-consumer cookware companies, has figured out how to perfectly combine style and power when it comes to their blades. The brand regularly releases limited edition knives that seriously blow our minds, like the extremely durable Ovangkol wood santoku knife or the superb Yanagi sushi knife, which is sharp enough to make precise cuts on delicate pieces of fish.

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Right now, we’re here to let you in on a little secret related to the brand’s popular blades: the limited-edition Made In x Nancy Silverton bread knife that’s sold out. the day it was launched is now back in stock. Whether you’re an avid baker or simply appreciate expertly designed touches for your kitchen, this beautiful blade is worth the price. And knowing it was created alongside world-renowned chef and James Beard Award winner Nancy Silverton makes it an even more special investment for your kitchen.

Silverton has partnered with Made In in the past to create a stunning griddle and sleek cook set, as well as this limited edition knife which is finally back in stock. For a bread knife to have the stamp of approval from Silverton, the genius behind the glamorous La Brea Bakery (and who even had Julia Child tearing up a brioche pie on her show), that’s all any bread lover might ask.

While you can always buy a cheap serrated bread knife, this limited edition one is truly a work of art. Like other Made In knives, this item is made in Thiers, France, and is one of the few regions in the world to make fully forged knives, designed to be durable enough to be passed down. The Nancy Silverton bread knife is no exception, especially when paired with the beautiful bone-colored Micarta handle.

When it comes to performance, you won’t be surprised that this blade exceeds what you’ve experienced from bread knives in the past. The long blade features 24 evenly spaced points that slice through even soft, airy bread without flattening it in the process. You can also use its razor-sharp teeth to cut through crispy baguettes, thick ciabatta breads, and more without leaving crumbs.

Treat yourself (or your favorite baker) to this extremely unique and heirloom-worthy knife. But you might want to act fast – it might sell out just as fast as last time!

Buy: Made In x Nancy Silverton Bread Knife, $169