‘The White Lotus’ Season 2: Inside the idyllic new hotel

When hotel company Four Seasons took over management of the Gruppo Statuto property in 2020, San Domenico underwent a multimillion-dollar makeover led by Italian women. Architect Valentina Pisani oversaw the entire renovation, adding a modern touch to the interiors with smoked mirrors, bronze details, and neutral tones with pops of color in public areas (such as coral red in the lobby main) and classic contemporary furnishings in the bedrooms. with marble baths. Rosaria Catania Cucchiara, a specialist in the restoration of historical art, led an all-female team that restored museum-quality works of art – medieval paintings, frescoes and statues – as well as period architectural details, such as columns, arches and vaulted ceilings. (Their work required approval from the local council.) Contemporary artwork is also on display, including Georgian artist Sophie Koe’s installation made from ash from Mount Etna.

A view of the Palace of San Domenico from Sicily’s Teatro Antico di Taormina, which viewers will see up close and personal when some white lotus characters visit ancient greek theater.

Photo: ©Peter Vitale/Four Seasons

Italian landscape architect Marco Bay has created spaces filled with lush palm trees in gardens where monks once cultivated medicinal plants. He also added a citrus grove – with 40 varieties of trees that produce lemons, tangerines, grapefruits and mini oranges – and sculptural succulents in terracotta vases in the front yard and stone flooring in one of two ancient cloistered courtyards where a 14th century stone well is the focal point. For the hotel’s new 69-foot elevated infinity pool, Bay chose tiles in shades of blue and green to match the sea and sky.

Some San Domenico rooms have plunge pools, like the one in which actor Michael Imperioli’s Hollywood producer Dominic Di Grasso stays.

Photo: ©Peter Vitale/Four Seasons