zyva studio’s flat of straight curves brings vibrant digital patterns to paris

a virtual game in the gardens of matignon

keeping the digital world in mind, the architect and founder of the zyva studio anthony authié realizes this apartment with “straight curves” in paris. the design is inspired by the shapes generated by the algorithm of his computer to reinvent the four corners of a haussmannian apartment, whose east facade overlooks the matignon gardens. this project with resolutely virtual influences, where the colors contrast and the shapes undulate, introduces a new look at this compact space of around fifty square meters.

pictures © valentin fougeray | @valentinfougeray

the dualism of the flat with straight curves

zyva studio (see more) designs the straight-curved apartment with a dichotomous dialogue, merging two eras, two styles, two colors, two floor coverings and two shapes. the architect notes that the project emulates a game of ping-pong that leads the occupant of one element to its exact opposite. the Haussmanian language clashes with the contemporary, as do the contrasts of orange and blue hues, wood and porcelain stoneware, angular and curved shapes, hot and cold.

zyva studio straight curves

The (almost) Haussmanian living room of zyva studio

The living room of Zyva Studio’s straight-curved apartment reflects the clean-lined hallmarks of the Haussmann style, with period floors, restored moldings and creamy walls rendered in the honey hue of Blime Moon. the luminaires are integrated leds that highlight the cymes on the ceiling, a reference to the place 2017 by ruben ostlund. the cupboards under the bookcase are adorned with metal armor, reminiscent of arnold schwarzenegger in joel schumacher’s batman & robin. in the center of the room, an orange carpet of two meters by three, created by the architect and designer louis lefebvre contaminates the ground.

like an archaic map, paths seem to appear on the fabric, hand-tufted from recycled wool. the pewter accents sewn onto the carpet are like “pools of molten metal”, passages between crossroads. placed on this rug, the philippe nigrot sofa from its roset line fits together like a puzzle. custom table legs, 3D printed in electric blue PLA ziro filament, wobble like feet on their knees. they support the weight of a triangular green slab of waterproof MDF, an arrow in space that indicates a direction.

zyva studio straight curves

standing near this space, a greige-colored volume, painted in the tone of the wild ashes of blime, hosts the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilets and the bedroom of the house. the angles of this space are curved by the entrance and become more and more acute as you approach the kitchen. large chains designed by wendy andreu, rendered in cotton and silicone, greet you as you enter. here, the floor is covered with a “clinical mosaic” from the pro arquitectura collection by villeroy and boch.

the kitchen wall is covered with a layer of glossy lacquer. the lights contort like a flamenco dancer. marti’s colorful taps are like paint splatters on a white canvas, an ode to raf simons and the sterling ruby ​​blue shirt.

zyva studio straight curves

the bathroom, covered in royal blue tiles, orbits in space like a solitary planet. inside, the monochrome hue accentuates the feeling of immersion. vertical and horizontal lines merge into one. you are transported elsewhere, engulfed in a deep ocean, lost in the big blue. here, flamenco light fixtures reappear, echoing door handles adorned with a similar print.

the entrance extends into the living room, like a lover with open arms. the bedroom, on the other hand, is engulfed in flames. here too, the dichotomous dialogue pervades. after a cold shower, the night is ablaze. the curtains close to reveal a flame pattern that emulates computer-generated particles.

zyva studio straight curves zyva studio's 'straight curves' apartment brings vibrant digital patterns to paris zyva studio's 'straight curves' apartment brings vibrant digital patterns to paris

project info:

Project title: apartment with straight curves

architecture: zyva’s studio | @zyvastudio

lead designer: Anthony Authie

location: Paris, France

completion: 2022

photography: © valentin fougeray | @valentinfougeray